Grace’s Dance Disaster

Sports-mad Grace Bennett is ecstatic when her teacher arranges a training session with a famous football team.

When Grace arrives on the field, however, her role is not what she expected – and doesn’t even involve kicking a ball!

How can she and her anti-princess best friends teach their teachers that there’s more than one way to be a girl?



A fluorescent green string of snot is dangling from Chloe’s nose like a pendulum. She has never looked prouder.

‘That is seriously disgusting, sis,’ says her brother, Alex. ‘Get a tissue.’

He’s right. I have a strong stomach when it comes to gross stuff, but even I’m feeling a little queasy looking at Chloe’s nasal mucus.

Chloe pokes out her tongue and shakes her head so the stretchy tendril wobbles a little more.

‘Kala myxa, Chloe,’ her grandmother chuckles. ‘The best this week.’

‘Myxa?’ I ask.

Chloe translates Yiayia’s Greek. ‘Nice slime.’

Alex is almost choking on his toast. ‘Yiayia! How could you encourage something so sick?’

‘Relax,’ Yiayia says. ‘Would I be laughing if it was real?’

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