Emily’s Tiara Trouble

It’s the last straw for maths whiz Emily Martin when her mother enters her in a local beauty pageant.

Emily and her three best friends form The Anti-Princess Club and set their first mission.

With their awesome talents combined, can they show the world that girls want to be valued for more than what they see in the mirror?



Bella pokes her tongue out and makes a choking sound as if she is going to spew. I love that word. Spew. It’s a disgusting word for a disgusting thing, and I usually want to do it when something disgusts me. Like now.

‘What was that awful noise?’ Bella’s mum asks. ‘Is someone ill?’

I erupt into a fit of snorty giggles.

‘Emily Martin, what’s so funny? This books isn’t supposed to be amusing.’

Emily Martin – that’s me. Bella Singh is one of my three best friends. The other two Grace Bennett and Chloe Karalis, who are giggling in sleeping bags on the floor beside us.

‘Don’t mind them, Mum,’ Bella says. ‘They’re just laughing at me.’

We’re all sleeping over at Bella’s house. Our sleepovers are usually mega fun until bedtime rolls around. Then things become mega awkward.

You see, Bella’s mum insists on reading us spew-worthy fairytales before we go to sleep.

Tonight she’s reading us yet another fairytale about yet another princess being rescued by yet another prince. And in this one the princess just kissed a frog. Talk about disgusting.

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