Dress as Grace for Book Week

Hey, hey!

Children’s Book Week is almost here and I have the perfect character for you to dress up as for your school parade – ME! Haha!

Earlier in the week Emily posted on how you can dress as her (or a general anti-princess), and Chloe did the same.

But if you’re a sports-loving anti-princess, I’m your girl!

So – this is what I look like on the cover of Grace’s Dance Disaster (don’t be fooled by the pom poms – I AM NOT A CHEERLEADER!)

Grace alone

But, I do usually wear a t-shirt (the one in the picture has the Anti-Princess Club logo on the front), shorts, tracksuit pants, runners, or whatever is comfortable for exercising in!

If you have a plain t-shirt, maybe you could use a marker to draw the A-P C logo on the front.

As for accessories, everyone knows I’m an awesome soccer player, so you could take along a ball.Soccer ball

And I also coach a soccer team, so it would be great if you could get your hands on a whistle like the one I wear around my neck.



But if you really want to stand out, you could carry a surfboard under your arm! I’m a pretty good surfer and almost always have my surfboard under my arm in the warmer months. If you don’t have an actual surfboard (they are big and expensive), maybe you could cut one out from cardboard and decorate it.

Here’s what my board looks like (it’s a fish):Surfboard

If you do dress as an anti-princess for Book Week, we’d LOVE to see your costume. Email info@samanthaturnbull.com.au

Happy Book Week!




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