The author of The Anti-Princess Club is Samantha Turnbull.

Sam got the idea for the series when she became frazzled about all of the princessy stuff piling up in her baby daughter’s bedroom.
She decided to actually start writing the stories on a day she went shopping and couldn’t find a single book aimed at girls that didn’t have a princess or a fairy in it.

When Sam’s not writing books she is either working as a journalist at the ABC, performing slam poetry, or chasing her two kids (a boy and a girl). She’s also a ‘mummy blogger’ and writes about parenting at

Sam also loves visiting schools and festivals and running creative writing workshops for kids. If you’re interested in hosting Sam at your school or event, you can download the brochure below or contact her at

Talks and workshops

Samantha Turnbull’s brochure for school visits, talks and workshops.

Sarah Davis illustrated The Anti-Princess Club series.

Sarah has actually illustrated LOADS of kids’ books, including award-winning titles such as Fearless, Sounds Spooky and the Violet Mackerel series.

You can visit Sarah’s website at