Chloe’s River Rescue

Science freak Chloe Karalis’s favourite person in the universe is her grandmother – and they’re both going on an awesome summer holiday with Chloe’s three anti-princess besties.

But when Yiayia goes missing on her morning walk, the foursome knows that they’re faced with their biggest mission yet.

Can they combine their unique talents and work together to rescue their beloved mentor?



Grace goes cross-eyed as she spots the blue tentacle hanging down her forehead.

‘I don’t want to alarm you,’ I say. ‘But that’s a Portuguese man-of-war. Don’t touch it.’

Grace drops her surfboard. ‘You mean a jellyfish?’

‘It’s often mistaken for a jellyfish, but it’s actually a different class of ocean critter,’ I say. ‘A jellyfish is a single organism, while a Portuguese man-of-war is a siphonophore, which is a colony of very small predatory marine creatures.’

‘Chloe Karalis, save the biological explanation!’ Grace yells. ‘What is on my head?!’

I’m a scientist, so I often get the common names for different species mixed up with the scientific titles. ‘It’s proper name is a physalia physalis, but they’re sometimes called… ummm…bluebottles. There’s a bluebottle in your hair.’

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