Chloe Book Week costume

Hi guys!

Earlier this week Emily posted some ideas for anti-princess costumes you might like to try for Children’s Book Week.

Here are few ideas if you’d like to dress as me (AKA a future Nobel Prize-winning scientist).

This is what I look like on the cover of Chloe’s River Rescue (don’t be fooled by the surfboard – it actually belongs to Grace):


So, as you can see, I’m wearing a lab coat. If you don’t have a real one, you could grab a white business shirt from one of your parents to do the trick.

I also wear glasses – I’m the only one of the original anti-princesses that does. If you already wear glasses, that’s great! But if you don’t, make sure that the lenses in your frames are just plain glass or plastic (you can damage your eyes if you wear real glasses that aren’t prescribed to you).



And if you’re after some science-inspired accessories that you can carry around, I’d recommend a magnifying glass:

Magnifying glass

Or, a telescope. Real telescopes are a bit precious, so maybe just for the costume you could take a toy one (or make a pretend one from the cardboard inside a roll of paper towel or plastic lunch wrap).

Toy telescope

And don’t forget – if you do dress up as an anti-princess for Book Week, we’d love to see photos! Email

Happy Book Week!


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