Book Week costume ideas

Hi, hi!

Emily here, and I hear Children’s Book Week is just around the corner in Australia.

If your school is having a dress-up day or parade where you get to come as your favourite book character, I thought I’d give you a few costume ideas.

If you want to come as anti-princess, like me, here’s what I look like on the cover of Emily’s Tiara Trouble:

Emily alone

I almost always wear jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers – so that’s easy.

But, you could also make a sash from ribbon or paper and draw the APC symbol or write ‘anti-princess’ on it.

As you know, I don’t like tiaras, but another clever way to show you’re anti-princess might be to wear a broken tiara like this:

Broken tiara


Or, if you already have a t-shirt at home that says ‘princess’ on it (for some reason grown-ups often like to buy us that sort of spew-worthy stuff) you could get a marker and write ‘anti’ above the ‘princess’ like this:


And if you want to take along some accessories to top your costume off, I always carry a notepad and pen to write down Anti-Princess Club missions.

Notepad and pen


And I almost ALWAYS have my laptop with me. It might not be a good idea to carry around a real laptop for the sake of a costume, but if you have a toy one that might work. Laptop

I hope that’s got you thinking. Keep checking in because we’ll be posting ideas for Chloe, Grace and Bella costumes too!

Oh – and if you do dress up as an anti-princess, we’d love to see a photo (you might even win a prize) – email





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