Chloe’s snot recipe

I’m Chloe Karalis – more about me later.

I was just bursting to share this concoction with you.

It’s my own special recipe for fake snot – when you’re done, stick it to your nostril and freak people right out!


A heat-proof bowl

A teaspoon

A fork

A measuring cup


Very hot water (you should ask your parents to boil the kettle)


Golden syrup (you can probably use any type of syrup from the supermarket)

Green food colouring


1) Pour half a cup of hot water into the bowl.

2) Add three teaspoons of gelatine.

3) Wait for the mixture to become soft.

4) Mix with your fork.

5) Add one quarter of a cup of golden syrup.

6) Mix with your fork again.

7) Add a tiny drop of green food colouring (substitute for yellow if you want to make fake puss).

8) Mix with your fork again until long, tendril-like strands form.

9) Pop the mixture into the fridge for up to half an hour.

10) Pull the mixture out of the fridge and take a look at the consistency. If you want to thin it out you can add small amounts of water until it’s the right thickness for your liking.

And there you have it. Sticky, icky, fake snot!

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