Grace checking in


I’m Grace Bennett.

It’s a miracle that I’ve found the time to post here. There’s only one computer in my house and I have three brothers, not to mention Mum and Dad who use it themselves.

So, I better get cracking before someone shoves me away.

Emily – the president of the Anti-Princess Club – wanted me to jump on here and tell you a bit about myself.

So, here goes, fast – which is basically my style:

* Sport, sport, sport. That’s my life.

* I coach a soccer team.

* I play soccer.

* I’m a fast runner. And I’m not trying to brag, it’s just the truth – I’ve never lost a race.

* I surf. I’m no Stephanie Gilmore but I have been barrelled.

* I go for the Newcastle Jets in Australia and Manchester United in the Premier League OS.

* My favourite athlete of all time is Cathy Freeman… or maybe it’s Layne Beachley… or Stephanie Gilmore…  or Sally Fitzgibbons… or Melinda Gainsford-Taylor… or Sally Pearson… no, it’s got to be Ellyse Perry… or is it Lauren Jackson… who am I kidding… I love too many of them.

And, as to be expected, my brother Harry is trying to boot me off the computer now.

See ya next time!

Grace :)


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