Hey, I’m Bella!

Hey there!

I’m Bella Singh.

I thought I’d introduce myself because… well, who am I kidding… I’m supposed to be doing some geography homework but my mind keeps wandering. It does that sometimes. My friends say I’m a bit of a daydreamer.

Speaking of my friends – my besties are the other founding members of the Anti-Princess Club: Emily Martin, Grace Bennett and Chloe Karalis. You’ll meet all of them here eventually. I’ll leave it to them to introduce themselves.

So, anyway, a bit about me.

I love art. I carry around a sketchpad ALL. THE. TIME.

I also love designing and building things with a purpose. My greatest creations so far are the Anti-Princess Club’s headquarters – AKA a treehouse with its own planetarium – and a super fast billycart I once entered in a derby.

My mum was born in India – that’s where the name Singh comes from – and my dad was born in Australia – his last name is MacKenzie. They’re doctors and they work A LOT.

I have a little brother – Max.

I have a babysitter who is at our house most days – luckily I like him – his name is Louis.

My newest hobby is learning how to throw ninja stars – random, I know.

OK, that will do for now! I better get back to my homework.


Bella xo

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