Want to join the club?


I’m Emily Martin – that’s me on the cover of that yellow book right there – pretty awesome, huh?

The reason I’m in a book is because I started the Anti-Princess Club.

Well, to be 100 per cent correct, Yiayia (my best friend Chloe’s grandmother) gave me the idea. Then I ran it past Chloe and our two other best friends, Grace and Bella, in an email and they were totally into it.

The club grows by an average of 12 members per week – and that’s an accurate median figure – I’m a mathematician, so I don’t make random guesses.

And, guess what? We’re thinking of opening up membership Australia-wide… or even worldwide!

Would you be into the idea of joining the the Anti-Princess Club here online?

Leave a comment below and let me know – we might just do it!


Emily x

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