Meet The Anti-Princess Club author

Hi everyone!

I’m Samantha Turnbull and I wrote The Anti-Princess Club series.

I have my own website where I write a blog that your parents are probably more interested in reading (I’m one of those ‘mummy blogger’s when I’m not writing kids books) and it’s over at if you do want to take a look or show the grown-ups in your life.

This is The Anti-Princess Club blog where I’ll be writing the odd post for you to read, but mostly this is where the characters in my books will write blog posts – especially Emily, who is computer obsessed and can write loads of impressive code for websites (I can’t even do that and I’m 24 years older than she is!).

So, before I hand the blog over to the anti-princesses, I thought I’d just let you know a little bit more about me.

Here are some random facts:

* I’m 34 years old, but my favourite age was nine. I guess that’s why I write for seven to nine-year-olds, because I find it easy to go back to that age and voice in my head.

* I have two kids – a boy and a girl. The girl is five and the boy is two.

* I also work as a journalist for the ABC, but sometimes I think they should move me out of the newsroom and into the kids’ TV section (I think I’d make an awesome Play School presenter).

* I have a dog called Maggie who wakes me up with high-pitched barking at least three times a night.

* I once got in trouble at primary school for using the word ‘spew’ in a story, so I made sure I wrote it a bunch of times in The Anti-Princess Club books just to get my teacher back.

* My favourite authors are Robin Klein, Judy Blume and Roald Dahl.

* I decided to write The Anti-Princess Club books after going shopping with my daughter and not finding a single book in the girls’ section (why do they divide books into boys’ and girls’ sections anyway?) that didn’t feature a princess or a fairy.

* Generally, I don’t like princesses because they’re often just plain boring, but I do like The Paper Bag Princess and Merida from Brave.

* I live in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia which is the most easterly town on the Australian mainland.

* If I could choose any career in the world, regardless of my abilities and talents, I’d choose martial arts movie star.

That’s it from me for now!

I hope you enjoy reading The Anti-Princess Club blog.



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