Bella’s Backyard Bullies

The anti-princesses meet weekly in their treehouse headquarters – a masterpiece designed by artistic genius Bella Singh.

But after an angry anonymous email, followed by an attack on their meeting place, it’s time for a new Anti-Princess Club mission to bring down their mysterious enemies.

Can the anti-princesses find and beat the bullies?



We call the room below Emily’s study the ‘torture chamber’. It’s her mum’s at-home beauty salon.

Every now and then we hear a yelp echo through the floorboards. If I were the architect responsible I would have soundproofed the ground floor.

‘Someone must be getting some waxing done,’ Emily says.

Chloe looks intrigued. I can tell her definition of ‘waxing’ is the scientific one: the time of the month when the moon’s illuminated surface is getting bigger.

‘Not that type of waxing, Chloe,’ Emily says.

‘It’s when women get hot wax poured over the hair on their bodies. Then my mum rips it off, pulling the hair off with it.’

Chloe shrieks and rubs her hands across her legs. I wince and smooth down the hair on my arms. Grace covers her eyebrows as if they need protecting.

Emily doesn’t bat an eyelid. She’s used to the sounds of pain that ring through her house.

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